All About Intercostal Nerve Block

What Is Intercostal Nerve Block?

All About Intercostal Nerve Block -  APEX Pain SpecialistsAn intercostal nerve block is an outpatient procedure that is performed to relieve chest wall/thoracic pain from various sources including fractures, surgical scars and shingles (herpes zoster). This treatment is also useful in diagnosing the source of patient discomfort. The intercostal nerves are located between each rib and can become inflamed due to injury, pregnancy, and shingles. An intercostal nerve block interrupts the flow of sensory signals providing pain relief. Apex Pain Specialists, a Chandler pain clinic, use this innovative approach with optimal results.

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What is the procedure like?

After numbing the area, a small needle is inserted through the skin and guided into position using fluoroscopic guidance. Then a long acting local anesthetic, with or without steroids, is administered. The procedure takes a few minutes to perform and relief can be felt while still in office.

What can you expect?

Pain relief occurs within minutes of the procedure. Ice may be applied to the area the injection site is sore. Initial results are achieved by the anesthetic portion of the medication injected. Although many patients experience immediate lasting relief some patients may benefit from subsequent treatments. It is important to communicate with your physician if pain intensifies during or after the procedure.

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Is an Intercostal Nerve Block right for me?

A successful intercostal nerve block can address pain from a span of a few months to several years. Repeat treatments provide long-term pain relief for patients who respond positively to initial nerve blocks. Intercostal pain is best diagnosed and treated by the expert pain management team at Apex Pain Specialists. Drs. Massrour and Reddy will review your symptoms determine if an Intercostal Nerve block in Chandler AZ is right for you. At Apex Pain Specialists, it’s our goal to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life!