Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes stiffness and low back pain. The stiffness is usually worse in the morning, and tends to ease with activity, then worsens toward the peak of the day. Presumably, this can be as a result of fluid that has accumulated within the joint due to to inactivity during the night. Many varieties of arthritis have an effect on the joints, muscles and/or bones will cause issues like pain, stiffness and swelling within the back. Although, any a part of the posterior are often affected, the lower back is one of the most typical sites of the inflammatory disease. At Apex Pain Specialists we strive to be the #1 most comfortable pain management clinic in Chandler, AZ. We offer a wide variety of treatment options for Arthritis including: stem cell therapy, bursa injections, spinal cord stimulation along with several other procedures. Dr. Reddy an Dr. Mazzrour are highly trained Arizona Pain Management doctors in Chandler who are double board certified and have been recognized as Phoenix Magazines Top Pain Management Doctors. They provide the latest treatments for acute and chronic pain and offer a caring and compassionate environment. We are dedicated to making your experience at our Chandler pain management clinic as comfortable and efficient as possible. Your patient experience is of paramount importance to us. For more information about treatments, contact Apex Pain Specialists today; Chandler’s top pain management clinic.