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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of one or more areas of the spine. This narrowing, which occurs most often in the lower back or neck, can put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves that branch out from the squeezed areas. Typically, a person with this condition complains of severe pain in the legs, calves […]


What is Lidocaine? Lidocaine is an anesthetic that has a numbing effect and are used to block pain. Topical (intended to be used on body surfaces such as the skin) lidocaine is a common medicine in one’s home. Topical anesthetics like lidocaine are available as gels, creams, liquids, sprays, eye drops, and patches. They work […]

Exercise & Chronic Pain

Exercise & Chronic Pain 4 reasons why exercise helps relieve chronic pain: Exercise is probably going to be part of your treatment plan for your chronic back pain. More often than not, resorting to bedrest can make the symptoms of back pain worse. There are many benefits to exercise, including: 1. Exercise keeps your joints moving. […]

Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain

Apex Pain Specialists is your #1 pain management clinic in Chandler, Arizona. In this video we will briefly discuss how stem cell injections are used to treat chronic pain. PRP and Stem Cell Injections is a proven option for managing chronic joint pain. Harnessing stem cells to cure disease is the hottest topic in joint […]

6 Treatment Options for Managing Chronic Pain.

6 Treatment Options for Managing Chronic Pain. Fortunately there are many treatment options for pain management that does not required the use of pain medications. Below is a list of common options that you will find Apex Pain Specialists recommending for their patients. Our Chandler pain management clinic is home to Dr. Reddy MD. & […]


What is Neuroplasticity? The human brain is constantly being shaped by experiences in life. The Majority of us have very different behaviours and thoughts today than we did 30 years ago. This shift is neuroplasticity in action; changes in brain structure and organisation as we experience, learn, and adapt. Neuroplasticity is the muscle building part […]