What is Interventional Pain Management?

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Interventional Pain Management | Apex Pain SpecialistsAre you suffering from acute or chronic pain? This may be an on-going pain source, or a recent injury. Finding a solution to alleviate your pain could mean improving function in your day-to-day life. Experiencing chronic pain can feel defeating, keeping you from the things you enjoy most in life, but the pain doesn’t have to control your life anymore. Learn about customized treatment plans for pain management and how you can get your life back.

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Interventional Pain Management Treatment Plan

There are many approaches to discover a pain management program that works best for your acute or chronic pain. Apex Pain Specialists offers treatment plans that target the source of the your pain. In order to target a specific pain source, Drs. Massrour and Reddy pinpoint the lesion and then administer a treatment directly to the source.

This form of interventional pain management uses treatment techniques such as facet joint injections, nerve blocks (blocking pain signals to the nervous system), neuroaugmentation (including spinal cord and nerve stimulation) and implantable drug delivery systems. These forms of treatment are most effective in alleviating pain because it isolates the specific area, and administers medicine immediately.

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Are you suffering from joint pain? Contact the pain management specialists of Chandler today.

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How Is The Medicine Administered

Administering medicine directly to the pain source is possible with the use of advanced imaging techniques called fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy imaging is used for medications injected via needle and helps guide the needles to the direct source. It also helps doctors understand the spread of the medication within your body.

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