New Year. New Insurance.

New Year…New Insurance- What Does That Mean For Your Coverage?

Insurance companies are allowed to increase their insurance premiums each year. Private insurance plans are allowed to increase their premiums, and with the updates to the new Marketplace (Affordable Care Act or “ObamaCare”) plans, insurance rates through private companies will continue to increase. If you are not happy with your plan in any way, you have the option to change your plan during open enrollment. Even if you didn’t change your plan, it’s best to check your new insurance information carefully as benefits may have changed.

 Has your plan changed?

Carefully review your health insurance plan options before you sign up. If you have already missed the open enrollment period, look for a special enrollment period. If you qualify for the special enrollment, you will be able to opt out of your current plan and enroll in one that suits you better. We advise patients with painful conditions to contact the insurance provider to inquire about what types of treatments they will cover. Find treatment options available from Apex Pain Specialists.

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 Has your network changed?

banner-imgA major issue people face when their insurance changes is when their provider network changes. If your current medical office’s network is altered, you can consider paying out-of-pocket, or out-of-network for these expenses. The costs for out-of-network providers can be greater, which is why it is important to consider your options before you visit a provider. If your plan no longer allows you to go to the same providers, call the insurance company immediately. Some insurance companies may make exceptions to help patients continue the care they need.

What are your options?

If you have a doctor you no longer can visit due to a change in your network, you do have options. You are entitled by law to file an appeal with the healthcare provider if there is a concern with your healthcare plan. Another option you have is to file a complaint with regulators. Check to see which agency oversees the healthcare plans in your state to determine if you are eligible to file a complaint. For some patients of Apex Pain Specialists, a pain treatment center in Chandler, these options give you the opportunity to see your chosen doctors.


What is your deductible?

Like your auto insurance, this is the initial amount that you are contractually obligated to cover before they pay on your claims. A higher deductible normally means you have cheaper monthly payments, but you will pay more up front.  Knowing what your medical deductible is, and what it applies toward, will avoid surprises when you are receiving your medical care.
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What is your maximum out of pocket?

The out-of-pocket maximum is the total amount of money you will pay within the policy period. Once you reach the out-of-pocket costs, the plan will then pay 100 percent of the allowed amount for the services. To be financially prepared, find out how much the services will cost before you visit. Compare the costs each year of your healthcare plan to know you are getting the best insurance plan for your needs.


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