Trigger Point Injections – They Provide Pain Relief!

Trigger Point Injections- They Provide Pain Relief! - Apex Pain SpecialistsDo you have muscle pain that keeps you up at night? Is one side of your body experiencing muscle tenderness followed by fatigue or spasms? Trigger points are painful and irritable areas in muscles or fascia, which can cause referred pain in surrounding areas. Trigger points are usually skeletal muscles that do not relax, forming a knot. They put pressure on the surrounding nerves causing pain, inflammation, and spasms. Because the pain and sensitivity is registered away from the trigger point site, the condition can go unrecognized and misunderstood without professional care. This pain, if left untreated, can affect daily activities and mood. Fortunately, a trigger point injection is an easy procedure that provides quick and effective relief.

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Trigger Point Injection Procedure

At Apex Pain Specialists, a Chandler pain clinic, a thorough examination and medical history is performed to determine if this treatment is appropriate. If this treatment is performed, a small needle is inserted into the trigger point, and an anesthetic is injected relaxing the muscles and alleviating the pain. The procedure takes only a few seconds to administer, and the patient often feels immediate relief. If trigger point irritation endures, consequent injections provide long-term success.

How often are Trigger Point Injections Needed?

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.48.42 AMIdeally, one injection is enough.  But for chronic pain due to an underlying issue, a patient may benefit from repeat injections while working with pain management specialists to solve the underlying problem. As the pain trigger continues to be addressed, associated discomfort is lessened over time.

Who Can Benefit From Trigger Point Injections?

Although trigger point injections are most commonly used to treat myofascial, lower back, and neck pain, these injections may benefit patients with a variety of other conditions. Patients with fibromyalgia and chronic tension headaches may find relief from trigger point injections. Trigger point injections have proven beneficial for patients of all ages, demographics and levels of discomfort. These injections reduce their pain, improving function, energy and range-of-motion.

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Living Pain Free With Help From Apex Pain Specialists

Are you ready to be free of muscle pain? Take the first step by understanding your symptoms and the benefits that trigger point injections can offer you. The board certified physicians at Apex Pain Specialists offer comprehensive pain treatment plans to alleviate pain and restore function. Let Drs. Massrour and Reddy provide the pain-free lifestyle you’ve been waiting for! Contact our scheduling team at (480)820-7246(PAIN) to arrange your evaluation today.